VEGAN - Fresh Salsa!

For this amazingly refreshing side dish, use the following with many options! (Always use organic, non-GMO products when you can! Remember, don’t be overwhelmed … baby steps! The fact that you are adding more vegetables to your meal planning is a huge bonus and your body thanks you!) A single batch serves 5 – 6 people, Serve with whole grain, non-GMO tortilla chips, use on top of your veggie burger, as a side to complement any meal or eat by the spoonful! It’s that good! ½ green pepper ½ yellow pepper ½ red pepper ½ orange pepper ½ red onion 2 Roma tomatoes Can of black eyed peas Can of sweet corn (optional) Can of black beans (optional) I use white rice vinegar and agave syrup to mix with the ingredients. Let sit for a few hours to let the juices mix and mingle! Also, for those who are vegetarian and not vegan, you can use a good Italian dressing or a balsamic vinegar with a little oil!

Contributed by Louise Diegel Blancke

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