The amazing benefits of honey!

I’ve always loved rich, drippy, sticky, gooey golden honey and was very excited when a friend asked if he could put a hive on my property that he would take care of. WIN, WIN!!! I have always loved using honey in my tea, on toast or in place of any artificial/chemical sweetener. Since using the honey, I realized around the end of May last year that I happily flew through the season with hardly any itchy, watery eyes or sneezes. (I’m very sensitive to cottonwood in the spring!) This experience proved advice that I’d been given many times before – I’ve always heard that using locally harvested honey is often effective for helping build your immune system against allergies! If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would have tucked the knowledge away to share with a friend one day… BUT NOW? I’m shouting from the rooftops … YOU GOTTA TRY THIS! Check out your local markets and see if you can get local honey to help boost your immune system from the allergens that are bothering you! If you have any questions, PM me and I’ll be happy to assist! Check out this article for further insight!

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