Looking back over my lifetime, I have realized that God has put me on a journey.  You may feel the same is true for you as well.  MY journey started with my parents.  They taught me right from wrong; how to be responsible, reliable, honest and fair.  As I continued into my adulthood, I have made many mistakes.  Again, all part of the journey.  I’ve discovered hard lessons learned are invaluable.  I’ve celebrated many amazing and happy experiences; the birth of my daughter, the adoption of my son and later on the blessing of four amazing stepsons that came as part of a “family package” the day I married my soulmate, Daryl.

Daryl and I were the epitome of a truly happy couple. Marriage of course never comes without its challenges. This, is where MY journey really began. Daryl had his first heart attack three years after we were married in 2006 and another in 2009. In December of 2011 he was diagnosed with Stage D prostate cancer. In October of 2014 he had another heart attack; and in January of 2015 he had a quadruple bypass. In alternating years, he had flare ups with the prostate. Wow, that’s a lot happening in 12 + years, right? As you can imagine along the way I learned anything and everything I could to improve, extend or attempt to heal Daryl. While he participated in modern medicine, he was also willing to trust in holistic medicine. We had success with Applied Kinesiology which is muscle testing, healthier choices of eating, chiropractic, essential oils, energy healing, electromagnetic field devices and many other untold alternatives. All of these in combination extended the quality and duration of his life. My story doesn’t have a happy ending…yet. Daryl passed away in May of 2016. I know Daryl didn’t survive his many health challenges, but we learned many things along the way that helped keep him comfortable while he was on HIS journey of life. Plain and simple, we don’t know why we have to go when we do. That is only a question God can answer. I do know, however, that Daryl would not want me to waste the knowledge that I gained through helping him. I am truly grateful to have had 13 years of marriage to experience happiness with Daryl and to have had the privilege of taking care of him.

This is how Healthy You was created. A place to share and continue to learn about other viable alternatives along with holistic medical professionals that can help. A major resource that brings hope to everyone when they have nowhere else to go. My hope is to help you along the way with YOUR journey. This is what keeps me going; to create MY NEW happy ending by helping others and to honor the memory of my husband by moving forward with what we have learned knowing he will always be by my side.

To God be the Glory Always,



My mission and my philosophy are the same. I want to expand people’s knowledge with regard to the mind, body and spirit. They are three in one; when one is lacking or ill, the others can’t be ignored. I am comfortable with this purpose and this is where I need to be in this space at this time. To help people who have no hope, who don’t know where to turn because modern medicine isn’t working for them. My wish is for people to experience a total healing with their body, mind and spirit…to be restored once more.